AdCompVoice VoIP Solutions

A VoIP solution designed to aid government organizations at state and local levels
meet their efficiency targets while significantly cutting cost.

Government Offices

Using VoIP enhances collaboration between government offices and agencies. With the audio, web or video conferencing capabilities of VoIP government agencies eliminate the time and cost in travels.

Team members can join in on meetings from any location making it easier to schedule meetings and ensure full participation.

Local Government

Productivity has always been an on-going challenge for local governments. However, with the all-inclusive features of VoIP, employees can perform the bulk of their duties from a single dashboard. From checking and replying to emails and making calls, VoIP provides the perfect interface to perform those actions without leaving or changing to another device which significantly saves time.

Small Cities

Small cities can leverage the VoIP to reduce telecommunication costs while improving communication quality.

With the cloud-based model of VoIP, cities can deploy the new system without breaking the bank, and even the initial investment will pay off within a short while.

How AdCompVoice Is Creating a simplify Connected Mobile Environment for productive Civil workforce

The civil servant is at the forefront of government’s service delivery, policy enforcement, and acts as the bridge between government and citizens. There’s increased pressure on government departments to be more effective and efficient in their operations while facing a restrictive budget. The challenge then is how to create an effective communications environment that encourages Intra and inter-departmental collaborations, ultimately improving productivity and better service delivery.

AdCompVoice utilizes VoIP technology to provide an easy to scale communication platform, provide mobility and connectivity for government employees on the go at a fraction of the cost of using legacy infrastructure.