Features & Service Descriptions & Details

Virtual Receptionist/Auto Attendant

AdCompVoice Virtual PBX allows you to setup your virtual receptionist in minutes without having your business represented by a robot. It allow users or departments to select their appropriate greeting or choose their own professionally recorded greeting (ask us about our professional voicemail setup). Additional features include Multi-level Auto- Attendant, call monitoring, Extensions, Unified Communications.

Scalable and Flexible

The entire process – from obtaining a number to configuring it for use for a new employee – is over in minutes with AdCompVoice Virtual PBX. Temporary employees or teleworkers no longer have to feel out of the loop and the administrative process of bringing them onboard is quicker than it’s ever been.

Call Management:

This feature allows you to do the follow; set answering rules, call forwarding, call screening, call recording, shared lines, call park, intercom, paging, call flip, call logs, Setting Presence (available, away, busy), Message alerts, Missed call notifications

Phones and Devices:

VoIP Devices, Caller ID Control, Softphone

Conferencing and Meeting capabilities


You can send or receive voicemail, Voicemail to email, visual voicemail, and setting up Recorded Greetings.

Mobility features:

Allows you login from any location as long as there’s internet connection there.