Benefits of AdCompVoice VoIP Service
for Systems of Government

Over 50% Reduction on Communication Cost

AdCompVoice VoIP services have been shown to lower the communication cost of government offices by over 40 % and in some cases by 50% when compared to the cost of the traditional communication system.

Hence in seeking cost-cutting systems small cities and government offices have turned to VoIP to provide alternate and more effective communication system.

VoIP Improves the Ease Of Payment Collection

Small cities and government departments can easily accept payments using VoIP integrated with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system which prompts callers to press a number to make payment.

AdCompVoice VoIP comes packed with IVR feature which automates the support process, route caller to the right department, prioritize calls based on value and effectively improve service delivery.

Quick Connect to inter-Office department

Many Government operations require the active collaboration between departments and offices to share information, deliver results or make joint decisions this basic task could drag wasting time and money.

However, with VoIP system departments can quickly connect without leaving their locations, have a meeting and share information in real time.

Improves Mobility

Many government officials are always on the move, either inspecting an on-going project or away on assignments. With VoIP technology the are able to access information at the office, set up meetings and even send in reports.
AdCompVoice delivers a complete communication services on any mobile devices, enabling local government employees to work with the same levels of productivity as their colleagues in the office.

Ensures 100% Up time for Government Offices

During emergencies such as fires, floods or other disasters essential services can be disrupted especially if communication systems are affected.

VoIP can help overcome this challenge and keep government offices open through its cloud-based hosting.