About Us

AdCompvoice | Powering Government communication with VoIP

AdCompVoice Services is one of the leading voice service provider to small cities municipalities & government offices.

With everything we do at Adcomp Systems, we aim to challenge our self to come up with technology & products that adds value to the government organizations. When it comes to our products we aim to think differently to create user friendly, beautifully designed & customer oriented products. Our primary focus is to help you run your city using 21st century cutting edge technologies & products. Our Cloud based Phone System happens to be one of it.

Our Vision

Bridging communication gaps between government offices through deployment of strategic VoIP technologies replacing legacy telephony system thereby making local government departments responsive, agile and efficient.

Our Journey So Far

We’ve come a long way since when we started. We understood that communication flow is the greatest barrier to an effective, efficient and mobile government. It became clear that the old plain telephone technology system can no longer support the aspirations of these organizations not to mention the prohibitive cost of maintaining the legacy system.

AdCompVoice was started as a solution to these challenges, providing cloud-based VoIP services, we have helped local governments cut back on their IT spending, improve quality of communication and collaboration within and between agencies. We have empowered government employees with the tools to become connected and more productive even when not in the office and we’ve made it possible for the agencies to become more responsive to the inquiries of Americans.

What Does The Future Hold?

As more and more government offices wake up to the enormous benefits of migrating their communication infrastructure to the clouds, we would be at the forefront helping them make the transition with our cutting-edge technologies and processes.

To learn more about us read the testimonials of satisfied officials.